Handbook Updates

As the go to source of ERCES truth, the Safer Buildings Coalition is committed to staying up to date and providing the most current information related to In-Building Public Safety Communications. To that end, this page will include any updates, corrections and/or revisions to the Complete ERCES Handbook.

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Page 28

Reference to CH 27, Building Owner's Toolkit - is actually in Appendix F

Page 114

7.2 just below ruler image, a Shutterstock credit is merged into text

Page 118

Illustration goes to 5.9 GHz. Text says 3GHz

Page 226

Change caption under Figure 12.3.4b to "Example of complex filter that rejects band 14 Frequencies"

Page 249

Photo courtesy PCTel should be PCTEL, all occurrences in book

Page 548

Motorola Solutions is listed under Monitoring Software and Services

Should be System Integrator